What is Liberate?

Liberate is an 8 week educational course with weekly support for the following 12 months. It was designed for those feeling addicted to ultra processed foods, using the biopsychosocial model of health. It is delivered online by fully trained health coaches with various clinical backgrounds. The aim of Liberate is to give people freedom from food obsession and their life back between meals.

Next round of courses start in October 2024

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What to expect

  • 8 weekly sessions with weekly support for the following 12 months for £195 (3-month payment plans available)

  • Support with a real foods low carbohydrate lifestyle

  • Confidence to identify your own addictive foods and behaviours 

  • Support during the withdrawal period and beyond

  • Education on the effects of certain foods on the brain and body

  • Evidence based psychological approach to support your recovery using various techniques and tools

  • Continuous peer to peer support

Preliminary Results

What participants say...

"Liberate has given me my life back"
"Liberate tools have been really helpful in my recovery from food addiction"
"I can walk around a shop without being triggered"
"My favourite part was learning about what was happening in my brain, I especially enjoyed the science"
"I can focus on my family, friends and work better now I'm not thinking about food all the time"
"I really enjoyed the science, it was well explained and I feel I understand myself better now"
"I now have life in-between meals and peace whilst eating"
"The group support was the most valuable tool for me. I now know I'm not alone"

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